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"Its high price and the confusing bills", executioners of pay TV in full crisis



Pay TV has become the service with the highest percentage of dissatisfied users and has thus superseded electricity supply after several years occupying the first position, according to data from the latest wave of the 'Panel of Homes' of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Its high price and the lack of clarity in the invoices have been the two great executioners of this type of television.

The most favored have been other business models such as telephony and mobile Internet, whose benefits have obtained the best voter ratings.

Specifically, 17.8% of households stated that they were "little or not at all satisfied" with the pay TV service, followed by 15.5% and 14.9% who pointed to electricity supply and fixed broadband , respectively.

Likewise, the quality of the service, such as interruptions in supply, is the second reason for dissatisfaction for customers of fixed broadband, pay television and mobile Internet.

Regarding the claims submitted by customers, Fixed broadband remains as the service with the highest percentage of households that present complaints, with 15.4%. In contrast, the percentage of households that file complaints about gas and electricity services continue to hover between 4% and 5%, less than half that of broadband and fixed telephony.

Taking into account the reasons given by customers to complain, the main one, in almost all cases, is the problems in billing, with percentages above 50%, a trend that is also repeated in previous panel waves.

However, for fixed broadband, the majority complaint is the lack of quality of service, such as interruptions in supply) (53.6%). Finally, when receiving the invoice, electronic media are gaining ground, since around 65% of consumers already receive invoices for telephone services and bank communications electronically.

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