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Zoom has acquired Keybase to increase the security of the platform



Yesterday, the famous video conferencing provider Zoom officially announced that it acquired Keybase, a messaging and file sharing platform recognized for its security.

One of the criticisms leveled at Zoom since its launch focused precisely on the security, since there was initially the possibility of reviewing and recovering previous videoconferences. This forced the company to update and integrate an encryption service to make data transmission more secure.

Also, in late April, Zoom was hacked.

Although the platform is currently centralized, perhaps this acquisition will take its security to a higher level through the integration of the Keybase team.

The CEO of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan, recalled that there are several platforms that offer end-to-end encrypted communication, but that only Keybase offers a really deep level of knowledge of the subject.

“The first step is to assemble the right team. Keybase brings a wealth of encryption and security expertise to Zoom, and we are delighted to welcome Max and his team. By having a cohesive group of security engineers like this, our 90-day plan to improve our security efforts is significantly advancing. ”

It is worth noting that The Keybase team is dedicated to security and privacy, as noted by Keybase co-founder Max Krohn:

Keybase is delighted to join Team Zoom! Our team is passionate about security and privacy, and it is an honor to be able to bring our encryption expertise to a platform used by hundreds of millions of participants daily. ”

Full details on how the new security will be developed within Zoom will be released after May 22 to receive user feedback and further enhance it.

This is definitely a hit for Keybase which, unfortunately, is also famous for not Have achieved manage the airdrop of Stellar (XLM) from 2 billion.


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