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"Bitcoin is rapidly moving away from being a risky asset"



The number of active Bitcoin addresses is increasing, while the volatility it has always been associated with has started to decrease, thanks to the macroeconomic context in which the markets are currently immersed, according to the May Bloomberg digital report.

"The volatility of Bitcoin has never been so low against the stock market"

According to Mike McGlone, chief commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitcoin has reached a gold standard-like state that will last due to its lower volatility. The token appears to be an attractive asset for investors, given the high volatility of traditional markets and the creation of unsupported money by central banks and financial institutions.

"We see that gold and Bitcoin maintain the advantage on the back of the central bank's unparalleled monetary stimulus."

Currently, Bitcoin is performing much better than gold (which has experienced significant circulation issues in recent days) and is rapidly becoming more attractive to investors, fueled by halving expectations.

Bitcoin halving, which will occur in 6 days, will decrease supply and increase demand for BTC, according to McGlone's analysis. Yesterday, the mining difficulty almost reached the ATH of last month, which shows an increase in mining activity.

Bitcoin had a much faster recovery than any other asset during this economic crisis, both in traditional and highly speculative digital markets, so it should remain stronger than any other.

"Bitcoin is fast moving away from being a risky asset and is gaining credibility against stocks, in our opinion."


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