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Wall Street continues buying between crude oil rises and the reopening of the country



Wall street up 1% driven by the fifth session in green of the Petroleum, the gradual reopening of the US economy and with an eye on the ISM April services, for which a historical drop to 32 points from 52.5 is expected.

The great technologies were the lifeline of Wall street on Monday and aim to be again this Tuesday. Although "these types of megacaps make up the fragile underlying reality," experts at Wells Fargo. "All this increases concerns about the poor improvement in fundamentals," they add.

In New York, its governor, Andrew Cuomo, has stated that the number of infections and deaths has been decreasing in recent days. And investors are increasingly betting on a reopening of the world's largest economy.

Even if United States sum 1.18 million positive for Covid-19 and the deceased have risen to 69,000 since 67,000, according to data from Johns Hopkings University. And a government projection leaked to the press anticipates that the number of infections and deaths will continue to rise until June, which has caused great controversy over the reopening.

On the business scene, Intel is news after buying the mobility solutions company, Moovit, for 900 million dollars.

On Wednesday, we will meet the employment data from the ADP consultancy, before the April Employment Report, to be published on Friday. It is expected that Unemployment rate rebound from current 4.4% to 14%.

At the strategic level, there are several reasons to explain that Wall Street has bounced 30% from March lows and has led the recovery of world stock markets, despite the fact that the United States is the country most affected by the pandemic. The most important are stimulus measures approved by both Congress and the Federal Reserve, which have been the most important in history.

In other markets, oil West texas It is up 13% to $ 23.05 and prolongs the rally of the last few days. Besides, the ounce of gold falls 0.7% to $ 1,700, while the euro it depreciates 0.4% and changes to $ 1.0860. Finally, the profitability of 10-year American bond rises to 0.66% and the VIX volatility index falls 5%, up to 34 points.



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