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iMiner has received approval to open Iran's largest mining farm



Yesterday, iMiner, a Turkish company that has been operating in the mining sector for over 7 years, ad who received a license to mine cryptocurrencies in Iran , which makes it the largest mining farm in this territory.

First off, here are the impressive iMiner numbers – this is a company with 96 thousand Th / s and more than 6000 crypto mining machines currently located in the central city of Semnan. This was possible thanks to an investment of more than 7 million dollars.

The company has been operating for several years and in different territories such as Turkey, Russia, United States, Canada and now also in Iran; In addition, it provides a machine rental service and also a lodging service, to guarantee efficient maintenance. For this reason, it is also possible to visit the mining farm in Turkey and check the condition of the machines it owns.

Cost of cryptocurrency mining in Iran

As is well known, it is very convenient to mine in Iran, in particular due to the very competitive costs of electricity: by verifying the data it is possible to estimate at least 148 thousand crypto mining machines that already operate in the area.

Just earlier this year, the Iranian government has granted more than 1000 licenses for mining and for 2 years the mining has been legalized in the country, trying to attract investors and contribute capital.

Meanwhile, the United States government has imposed many sanctions criticizing the decision to support these initiatives because cryptocurrencies can circumvent the restrictions imposed by the United States on these territories.

Considering that the halving of bitcoin will take place next week, bringing with it all doubts and uncertainties about the price that the asset may suffer after such an event, there is still some confidence on the part of the companies operating in the sector.


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