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ERC announces that it will vote 'no' to the extension of the alarm state



The National Executive of Republican Esquerra de Catalunya (ERC) He has decided this afternoon that he will vote 'no' to extend the state of alarm next Wednesday.

"The alarm state is not the appropriate mechanism. It has been shown that it was not throughout this crisis and we have denounced it. Centralization has been a mistake. We abstained out of responsibility and to give a vote of confidence to the Spanish Government. And we ask for rectification in the withdrawal of powers and spaces of sovereignty. They have not done it. They have not listened. We cannot continue to give our votes to facilitate this state of alarm, "ERC explained in a statement.

The formation, which had abstained in the three previous extensions, thus stages its rejects Pedro Sánchez's plans and leaves the government in a more weakened position.

However, the alarm status it has no risk of revoking as long as the PP fails to vote againstBecause the votes that add up to the PSOE, United We Can and various minority parties are enough to defeat the rest of the formations.

If the Popular Group turns to 'no', then the coalition government will have to redouble efforts to gather more support, and there Citizens and PNV will be decisive. The PP leader, Pablo Casado, has said that they are not going to support a new extension of the state of alarm, since "it doesn't make any sense". In his opinion, the de-escalation "no longer needs" this "exceptional" instrument that limits rights and freedoms.

Besides 155 votes of the PSOE and United We Can, the Government also has the PRC, Teruel Exists, More Country and Commitments, with which it would reach 160. In this scenario, he would have no problem getting through the vote as long as the PP remained at least abstaining. Now, if the Popular Group decided to take the leap from going from yes to no, the votes against the state of alarm they would multiply up to 166 votes and already there the position of the other minorities would be decisive.

At the moment, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has already ensured that, whenever they have to vote something of this nature, they will do so with the general interest in mind. And, in addition to the vote in favor of Citizens, in this scenario of the PP in the vote against the government also needs the PNV stay at least abstaining and don't cross over to the 'no' edge.

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