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Runners, athletes and surfers take streets and beaches in an orderly manner



The streets, avenues and beaches throughout Spain have been filled this morning with Runners, people walking and surfers in the first time slot to do sports in freedom, from 6 to 10 hours. The citizens have respected the shifts established by the Government to practice exercise outdoors, after almost 50 days, of confinement and has given way to the walk of the elderly and vulnerable people between 10 and 12 hours.

In large cities such as Madrid, the area of ​​Puente de Toledo / Carabanchel, Bernabéu, Paseo del Prado or Calle Ibiza have been full of people on bikes, rollerblades, running or just taking a walk. In Barcelona, ​​athletes and walkers have occupied the beaches and the great avenues of the city.

In other capitals such as Pamplona, ​​several people could be seen walking, running or riding a bicycle in the Paseo del Arga area in the Rochapea neighborhood. As in the Old Town of Pamplona where several residents made their purchases in food stores while others walked and exercised. A image that contrasts with the empty streets which have been the predominant note since the state of alarm was declared.

Gijón surfers have not missed the opportunity of the ministerial order that allows them to practice their sport first thing in the morning and they have returned to the beach of San Lorenzo. Throughout the first hours of the day, it was possible to record moments with more than one hundred practitioners of this sport coinciding in the main bay of Gijón.

From this Saturday you can do individual sport and walk once a day in any of the two time bands proposed: from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 20 to 23 hours. Outdoor sports must be carried out in the same municipality of residence –without an hour limit beyond that allowed by the strips–, while in the case of walks, one cannot go more than a kilometer away from their home. .

At the same time, and to prevent people from concentrating at the same times, the hours of the rides already allowed for children under 14 between 12 noon and 19 hours are restricted.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appealed to "prudence and responsibility" before the start of the de-escalation plan this Saturday, when you can already leave the house for a walk and exercise outdoors, but only in certain time zones and divided by age.

"Today we take a new step in the measures to relieve confinement, but we must do it with prudence and responsibility," Sánchez said on Twitter, warning that "the virus is still there."



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