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Tesla goes under after Elon Musk claims it's "too expensive"



The CEO and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, It has caused an earthquake in the price of the car that goes so far as to sink more than 12% in the stock market after it has stated on Twitter that its price is "too high".

In a brief message on that social network, Musk has simply stated that "Tesla's stock price is too high", in his opinion. ('Tesla stock price is too high imo'), which has caused an immediate reaction on the floor.

Those statements have made the electric car maker stock has dropped below $ 700 and its capitalization loses 134,000 million. Recall that Tesla topped $ 900 a share in February.

Musk often uses Twitter not only to publicize his opinion of the company he founded. Also to launch political evaluations. In this regard, it has once again expressed its opinion against the containment measures decreed by the coronavirus epidemic and has asked that citizens are given their freedom. This Thursday he had already assured that quarantine is a "fascist" measure.

In addition, this Friday Musk has assured in the same network that he has put up for sale "almost all his physical properties" and that he will not have a house.

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