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The PZM Cash sale has started!


Public sales of the PZM Cash coin are underway now, and you can join the community by purchasing the coins. Starting on April 6, 2020, they will run until May 1, 2020, leaving potential holders only 2 days until the deadline. At the moment more than 20,000,000 PZMC have already been sold with the total allocation of 63,000,000 PZMC available for sale to the public. The exchange rate of the PZM currency is $ 0.15. Accepted currencies include BTC, ETH, TRX, USDT, USD, RUB. You can still join their sales and have the opportunity to be part of the community.

PZM Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a payment method that adapts to the rapid growth of the digital ecosystem. The key strategic factor in PZM Cash's success is that it will build on the growth of the escalation and the balance of supply and demand for funds. PZM Cash differs from the “classic” concept of the point of sale, since it has the mechanism of securing the network with the money supply. Only 1% of the total number of coins will be distributed using pre-mining during this public sale. The rest of the coins will be issued during post mining as incentives for loyal PZM Cash holders for supporting the network.

There are two crypto-currency usage scenarios for any PZM Cash user: passive and active. These usage scenarios differ in the degree of participation in the development of the network. In a passive situation, a network participant is its simplest user. On the other hand, in an inactive participation, the user is also a network administrator (Validator) and actively participates in its development and expansion. Accordingly, there are two types of network participants: Simple User and "the Validator". The simple user uses hot wallets (in a web environment). They do not allocate space for network needs on their computers. Simple users also don't deploy nodes. They earn income just by having PZM cash in their wallets. Validators, on the other hand, receive income for validating, that is, for adding new blocks to the chain.

Those who join the PZM Cash community will appreciate the distinctive features of this crypto-currency. These features include a modified test consensus algorithm. PZM Cash also has side chains that provide security for the ledgers. Regarding integration, the platform offers maximum benefits for application developers (dAPP). The operation of the points of sale also guarantees a monthly increase in the balance of the portfolio of up to 21%. Another advantage of PZM Cash is the ability to use the Web3.js wallet solution. This wallet solution is provided with JavaScript. The Web3.js wallet solution allows a wide range of partners to access the balance and unify PZM Cash as a payment instrument. Web3.js technology is already popular on large and successful projects. It allows users to go through their wallet to sites and services, where they use their crypto currency as payment, in a more convenient way.

PZM Cash integrates various security, speed and transparency features to improve the user experience. It uses the repossession proof consensus algorithm and side chains to provide security to the ledger. A majority of votes using the option built into the native portfolio makes decisions about updates and changes, thus ensuring transparency. As for speed, it takes an average of 60 seconds to generate a new block, thus ensuring the stability and development of the network.

Web: https://pzmcash.com/

Spanish Telegram: https://t.me/pzmc_es

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