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Ledger Live has announced that it now provides support for Stellar (XLM)


Stellar (XLM) he has announced officially that has been added to the Ledger Live platform of the famous hardware wallet.

In fact, XLM was still lacking on this platform, despite Stellar (XLM) dating back to 2015.

Users will now be able to manage XLM directly from a smartphone or computer and then seamlessly send and receive lumens.

This asset joins the 25 cryptocurrencies and more than 1500 tokens that Ledger allows to manage with a single password. Among other things, Ledger also allows users to perform other operations with their assets, such as stakeout.

In addition, this positive news adds to the long trail of recent months: for example, the rapper Akon he has chosen this chain of blocks to launch your token Akoin; and recently the price of XLM has increased by more than 140%.

Even Ledger has not stood still in these months and this month he managed carry Algorand in your pocket collaborating with the development team of this project.

How wallet of hardware, Ledger is among the most famous and safest in the industry, something that should never be underestimated considering that there are often direct attacks, such as those that happened in decentralized finance (DeFi) or centralized platforms such as exchanges.

Yesterday, for example, there was news of a DDoS attack on Binance, an attack that did not allow users to access their funds, making it better use an external wallet, without custody, and avoid leaving funds on centralized exchanges or platforms.

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