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TRON Price Analysis (TRX) 04/29/2020


We just saw Tron reach $ 0.01585 thus marking a new maximum in this bullish momentum that has been bringing since last April 20, currently above $ 0.01560 seeks to maintain the momentum but it seems that it will go back a bit in a correction movement, Looking for major support above $ 0.01536 or the R1 of the week which represents 23% in the Fibonacci retracements.

The most likely scenario will be a correction in the price from the current levels to lower the RSI that has been in overbought for a few days now. If the price manages to consolidate above R2 we would have a chance to see one last bullish momentum before starting a strong correction.

The downward movement is already necessary to have it in order to find new entry points in the price. We hardly have any solid signals right now when the price is in an overbought zone on the RSI

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