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Tesla's 'Throw back' to previous highs to hit $ 1,000?


This Wednesday, at the close of Wall Street, Tesla shares are confessed to the market. Which means that + -15% at the opening of tomorrow Thursday is served.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Tesla confesses to the market at the close of Wall Street, which means that on Thursday we will see significant rises / falls in the title. Well, we already know that it is a title that if by itself, with no apparent news, it moves with force. With the results, volatility is greater. That said, regardless of what happens this Thursday, what we should know is that we are talking about one of the most bullish titles on Wall Street. The important falls in late February and March fit a thousand wonders into what is a 'throw back' to the previous all-time highs (September 2017) and from there the price has bounced 120%. Which, from a medium-term point of view, leaves the door open for the resistance presented in record highs ($ 968.99) and above it goes towards the psychological $ 1,000 per share. As a technical analyst what experience has taught me is that the price is the only thing that rules. Forever. And this today can not be more bullish.

Tesla weekly chart

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