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Technical analysis office: BBVA, DIA, ACS, Ence, Audax, Meliá Hotels, Nextil and Grupo San José


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Nextil, Audax Renovables, Grupo San José, BBVA, Meliá Hotels, Ence, ACS and DIA.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. Could Nextil, Audax Renovables and Grupo San José analyze me in the short and medium term? With its supports and resistances. Best regards. S.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Nextil, ancient Dogi, is a title that today does not interest at all. Or at least not to the extent that we continue to have decreasing highs and lows. Well, it doesn't go up like that. And if we had to try to the upside for ‘trading’ we would only consider it in the potential support area of ​​approximately 0.45 euros, where the decreasing support passes at the moment. And a fall towards the important support of 0.39 euros, before resistance (throw back), cannot even be ruled out. As the most important resistance zone at this time we have the last weekly bearish gap of 0.70 euros. Summing up, technically I don't see any sign at the moment, quite the opposite, that invites me to take positions in the textile and textile manufacturing company

Nextil weekly chart

Of Audax Renovables There is not much to tell that we have not said before, because it is a value that we are asked about very often and the week in which we do not analyze it is rare. Let's say it's a title that I don't dislike at all. Well, everything points to the fact that the last falls fit perfectly into what is a double 'throw back' to the top of the old bullish side channel. So the area of ​​which it acted as resistance has now acted as support. Summing up, it would be said that as long as the horizontal support of 1.17-1.22 euros is not pierced, the 'trading' bias in the worst case would be lateral. In the shortest term, the title is approaching the resistance given by the last weekly bearish gap in mid-March, at 2.23 euros.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

Finally, regarding San José Group, at least we have a clear support area (which is not a little) from which it is bouncing: 2.80 euros. And as resistance, in line with 90% of the market shares, the last weekly bearish gap at five euros. The control areas above and below are very far from the current prices, but the ideal strategy would be to try to open long corrections and at the closest possible price levels to the support of 2.80 euros. And as long as it is not pierced at closing prices. A greeting.

Grupo San José weekly chart

Good afternoon, I have bought BBVA shares at 3.90 euros and I am considering averaging although I know you will advise against doing so. My strategy is long term. At what price do you think it would be reasonable to enter? I would also be interested in Meliá Hotels, do you think the company may go bankrupt? Thank you. DC

Dear investor, good afternoon. It is not that he is not in favor of averaging. I am averaging lower, because that is a sign that we are in a downtrend. But I don't see any problem for you when it comes to averaging on an uptrend. That said, we have the titles of BBVA overcoming upwards a triangle (decreasing maximums and increasing minimums). This means that the rebound can have continuity, with its corrections against trend, towards higher levels. Thus, the price presents significant resistance in the bearish gaps of 3.35 euros and above that of 3.80 euros. And as the main support we have the March lows at 2.42 euros.

BBVA daily chart

As to Meliá Hotels There is not much to say because, as for example IAG, the control zones below (support) and above (resistance) are very far from the current prices. This is still in the rebound or reaction phase, with significant support in the bullish gap of 3.19 euros and as resistances we have 4.79 euros and above the weekly bearish gap of 5.46 euros. The most important resistance being 6.90 euros, previously important support. Thanks to you, greetings.

Meliá Hotels weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Do you think it is a good time to open long positions in Ence and ACS with the medium and long term in mind? Thank you very much for your accurate analysis in these times of maximum uncertainty. F.BC.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Ence we analyzed it this Tuesday (read it here) and in the absence of knowing the closing of the monthly candle this Thursday the truth is that as we said in the analysis I do not dislike what I see. Above all, because point expansions aside, the price would be holding on the bullish guideline. And now it remains to be seen if it will be able to leave behind the bearish channel through which the price has been moving since the correction began.

Ence monthly chart

ACS we also analyze it (take a look) but after a rise close to 100% there is no point in getting on the shopping train because it would be too late. Another thing would be to do it in the adjustment phase of the entire rise from the lows of March, with the 17 euros (bullish gap) one of the most interesting support areas. Thank you very much and very kind for your words.

ACS weekly chart

Good morning, my question is about one of the star values ​​at the moment, DAY. Technical aspect, supports and resistances please. Thank you. J.P.

Dear investor, good afternoon. So is, DAY it is a value that is being positively affected by the coronavirus crisis. In reality, it is the entire food sector that benefits. That being said, DIA remains bearish in medium and long term terms, don't kid yourself. But this does not mean that it will not be able to continue doing well in the coming weeks. The problem in the very short term is that the price is halfway between the support of 0.10 euros (previously resistance) and the resistance of 0.15 euros (bearish gap). Or what is the same, in theory a fall towards the 0.10 euro area should be interpreted as an opportunity to try again on the upside. Although the overcoming of 0.15 euros in closing prices would also be an interesting sign of strength, a prelude to what may be a new bullish section with a target of rising resistance at 0.295 euros. In any case, it is an interesting value in the short term. Thanks to you, greetings.

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