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XRP Price Analysis 4/28/2020


In our previous analysis, we proposed two scenarios for XRP that at that time were above approximately $ 0.18315. Back then we said that the price could go back down to S1 levels at $ 0.1757 or break the pivot point and start a small consolidation and then go looking for the downtrend line formed on the chart.

The latter was what happened and now we see the price reaching up to $ 0.2188. We came from a small sideways move after the trend break around $ 0.19292 and we subsequently had this strong upside move of 6.4% on a single candle.

The current scenarios are no longer to enter the purchase, it would be very risky since there has been a very vertical movement in the last hours. The buy zone was as we said in the previous analysis, at the pivot point or in the consolidation of the downtrend line.

At the moment it is time to wait, it seems that the price will only touch this R2, if it manages to break it it could be an entry signal with a high level of risk, only to look for a small movement above it, since the R3 we have it far at the moment .

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