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Simón insinuates that the de-escalation can be delayed: it is assessed whether it is good at the weekend


The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has hinted that the new relief measure announced by the Government from the day May 2 for do sports individually and go for a walk (provided that the data accompany it) could be delayed, according to what happened with the children's walks last weekend. As he said, he is evaluating "whether it is good to make these changes on the weekend or on weekdays."

"I don't know if it will be on day 2, 3 or 4. I understand there is concern" about the de-escalation by the images that were seen of the exits of the minors, he said, and due to the fact that many people can gather on the street at the same time, which could make it difficult to maintain a safe distance.

In any case, he pointed out, "the decision does not correspond to me, it is made in other forums far superior to mine." Simón has made it clear that it is "difficult" for him to say whether the dates are going to be changed or not, as requested by various autonomous communities, which suggest that de-escalation be done on different days depending on the group, or be delayed by up to a week (10 May) to make sure that the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. Be that as it may, the Government will remove us from doubts this Tuesday, after the Council of Ministers that, among other things, will approve the de-escalation plan.

Of course, the doctor has said that he believes that there are some variables that "have to be considered", such as "if it is good to make these changes on the weekend or on weekdays". That, he explained, "has been discussed in forums in which I have participated, but I am not sure how it will be done."

"Health, once you decide what is going to be allowed, you will have to establish the rules that minimize risky behaviors in that process," said Simón, who stated that "as measures are being opened restriction, responsibility, part of it, is transferred to each of the people who make use of these new rights. "

And it is that "new rights are not free, they have a part of responsibility and duties that must be fulfilled to guarantee that the group is not exposed to unnecessary risks due to inappropriate practices of others. "As he pointed out," it is important that we all understand that, if we do not apply with instructions and indications given by the Ministry of Health, we can take steps back ", and that would be what would put us in" a really complicated situation, for the population and the health system ", because there may be a new" hardly bearable overload ".


On the other hand, when asked if it will be necessary to keep the safety distance when going out to do sports, Simon has been clear. "I think so, for various reasons. It is one thing to walk, together with those who are in the same family nucleus, because the risk is equivalent, and another thing is to play sports."

According to the doctor, the effort generates sports, with "more powerful breaths, more powerful exhalations, sweat …", it should mean not only that the distance of 1.5 meters should be increased, but that it is a "question of implementation of the rule". "When you do sports (cycling, running …) these distances are not usually maintained." Therefore, if it is done, "it should be clear that it is done individually" and that distance is maintained.

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