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Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis 04/27/2020


Litecoin right now is in the midst of a confusing price situation where anything can happen. It hovers around $ 44.50 very close to the support at $ 44.45 which represents the midpoint between two major price levels this week.

On the one hand, we have the pivot point above $ 43.40, which exactly coincides with the dynamic support of the 200-period EMA, as we already see, the price touched this area and quickly returned to recover support at $ 44.45. On the other hand, we have a resistance near $ 45.55 that represents the benchmark to consider an entry either at the time of a breakout or when waiting for a small price consolidation.

Both scenarios are possible at the moment, entry signal will only be clearer at the levels already mentioned, for the most risky, as the price is above the support at $ 44.58, they could consider an entry with a mandatory stop very close to these levels, but the most ideal would be to wait for movements either to the pivot point or resistance of $ 45.55.

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