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KuCoin has announced the listing of the WOM token


The WOM Protocol, a next-generation martial solution that enables brands to take advantage of word-of-mouth recommendations, has just announced that its native WOM token is now listed on the KuCoin exchange.

Deposits are effective immediately
Trade: 6:00 p.m. on April 29, 2020 (UTC + 8)
Withdrawal: 10:00 p.m. on April 29, 2020 (UTC + 8)

Pair exchange: WOM / USDT

Project name: WOM
Symbol: WOM

The WOM Protocol is expanding an entire ecosystem that enables monetization of word of mouth recommendations for brands, creators, and publishers. The WOM Protocol is live and being tested with more than 900 brands – including adidas – and platforms with a network of hundreds of thousands of creators and authenticators.

As a real-world example, the WOM Protocol is currently being used to drive marketing efforts for the WOM Token on KuCoin. KuCoin fans are recommending the exchange of KuCoin through the YEAY app and the WOM Protocol is authenticating the recommendations to determine their authenticity. This authenticity and trust in recommendations is particularly vital in the cryptocurrency industry that is riddled with disinformation.

The WOM Protocol is unique and successful because it reverses the current trend of user-generated content seen in influential advertising and other UGC advertising models. Use the blockchain as an incentive machine to incentivize individuals and platforms to create and distribute content by word of mouth. With the WOM Protocol, creator recommendations must first be authenticated and validated by the crowd. Once a recommendation is deemed "authentic," a creator begins earning rewards for their recommendation. In this way, brands benefit from honest word-of-mouth marketing and consumers trust authentic, not prepaid, recommendations.

Authentication is done through the WOM Authenticator app, currently live on Android with iOS in development as well. In the coming months, the WOM Protocol will launch a campaign manager to give all brands and advertisers access to authenticated WOM recommendations. Through the Campaign Manager, advertisers will see metrics, set campaigns, increase WOM content visibility, and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The WOM Protocol, in conjunction with the WOM Token, provides a way to reward creators without compromising consumer trust in content and its creators. The WOM Protocol will become the primary marketing channel for brands, with an annual spending target of $ 237 billion on digital marketing, and the primary source of revenue for content platforms.

About WOM

WOM (word-of-mouth) is building a blockchain-based protocol that offers brands, content creators, publishers, and social media a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any application or platform. The WOM protocol is supported by dozens of experienced investors from around the world. For more information about WOM: https://womprotocol.io/

About KuCoin

The KuCoin Stock Exchange places an emphasis on the quality of listed projects based on a research department that scours the blockchain industry for quality projects. Over time, KuCoin aims to provide lasting added value to its more than five million registered users, in more than 100 countries. For more information about KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/

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