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Is Netflix going to run out of series and movies to premiere due to the pandemic?


Stranger things it could with the Demogorgon but its production has been paralyzed by the coronavirus crisis. And that is the flagship of the popular streaming platform. Are you going to stay Netflix without series and movies to premiere due to the pandemic? Those of Reed hastings They have calmed down and assured their tens of millions of subscribers worldwide that they still have programming for a while.

"We are working very far ahead of the rest of the industry," defended the director of content for Netflix, Ted Sarandos, during the analyst conference. "And we do not plan to change," he adds. More than 180 million subscribers worldwide like this.

"No one knows when we can safely resume production and whether or not it will be possible to travel to various countries, how the negotiations with the actors, technicians will go …", however, they acknowledge from Netflix in the latest letter to their shareholders.

Everything has changed. The company has moved the production of all its animation series to work on them remotely. The same case we find with the post-production of more than 200 series and programs. The show must go on. To do this, it has just borrowed another $ 1 billion.

If you can't shoot your movies you can always buy others'. Netflix is ​​one of the great audiovisual showcases in the world (now more than ever) and many film studios will search the platform for a way to escape their finished films but unable to see the light of the confinement with the corresponding closure of movie theaters around the world. Paramount pictures is being one of them.


Netflix has closed the first quarter of the year with the premiere of more than 180 series, movies and programs in the US. The platform aspires to do the same in the second.

Another great asset of the company are the classic series like Friends and The Office. Despite pointing out over and over that new productions are the great catalysts for new subscriptions, Big N is aware of the drag effect that this type of series has and has not hesitated to get their rights even paying 100 million dollars. for them, as in the case of the coffee sitcom.

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