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The Xpring platform has invited XRP developers to a new initiative to present their work


As revealed by Warren Anderson, Product Manager at Ripple Xpring, all developers creating XRP products can submit their progress and reveal it to the entire XRP community.

According to the official announcement, Xpring will release a new content series called Developer Reflections next week. This series will strive to highlight some of the work done by the growing open source XRP community.

In particular, developers who use XRP Ledger, Interledger, Xpring SDK, XRP API, ripple-lib, XRP CLI and other related ad applications of open source products are welcome. To participate in the Developer Reflections series, people must complete a Google form that provides some details about their products.

According to Mr. Anderson, the products and applications that arouse the interest of this campaign will be displayed on the Xpring Blog. Therefore, developers around the world have the opportunity to familiarize the XRP community with their products.

As previously reported, the Xpring platform is continually active in building and strengthening its developer community around XRP technologies and Ripple products. Three months ago, Xpring launched a new developer forum. More recently, XRP implemented a new version of its ledger, XRP Ledger v1.5.0.

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