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Zilliqa has added a data timestamp service to its Blockchain


Zilliqa's team has announced they have used ZILHive Grant and Hybridverse to provide a data timestamp service on your blockchain.

One of the solutions that blockchain technology allows is precisely that of the time stamp (Data timestamp), that is, printing only when a certain event has occurred: in addition to marking the time, it cannot be modified or altered and Allows for a continuous chronological order of data, making it possible to identify when a piece of information has been created or placed on the blockchain.

The timestamp, if applied on a large scale, could replace the need for a notary public, since with the blockchain notarization it is possible to upload documents and be certain that from then on any document or information will be later than the original files, think of the case of patents or artistic creations of which it is necessary to prove the date and ownership.

In this case, everything has been brought to the Zilliqa blockchain thanks to Hybridverse, so, in just 30 seconds, it is possible to finish a timestamp and notarize a document faster than other blockchains like that of Ethereum.

Thanks to Chronos and Kairos, the different Data Timestamp servers, one free and the other for premium users, it is possible to have the Proof of Ownership of a document: the user can sign the timestamp and it is also possible to insert a public enter a list of validators to have an additional degree of security and reliability.

Therefore, the applications are practically endless, from the certification of copyright to the transfer of ownership of a property.

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