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The Dash team has announced the release of Dash (DASH) Platform v0.12


Based on the latest progress update, the build process in Dash (DASH) will now be much more comfortable for developers.

Mr. Alibrandi stated that a new version, Dash Platform v0.12, has recently been implemented in the product sandbox, Evonet. Mainly, it includes a significant number of improvements to the Dash Platform Protocol.

For example, the new version implements an initial version of a credit system. With this system, masternode operators will be rewarded with rates denominated in the form of native credits. At the moment, data operations cost 0.6 to 1 Satoshi or 600-100 credits.

The new version updated the Platform State Machine logic, which brings a significant simplification to the Dash platform architecture. In turn, it allows blocks to be created faster.

Furthermore, the creation of any number of documents and data contracts is now available even for individual network identities. The distribution package and the self-monitoring mechanisms of the system have also been updated.

Mr. Alibrandi emphasized that this launch is the first to be delivered within the framework of the new launch process. With the new scheme, announced ago Only one week, new versions will be implemented in the Evonet test environment every six weeks. This is the result of the implementation of the Agile methodology that divides the development progress in DASH into two-week sprints.

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