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"This is the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) you need to be considered a whale"


According to Blockstream CEO Adam Back, owning 100 BTC could be enough to turn you into a Bitcoin (BTC) whale.

The Bitcoin pioneer, who was quoted in Satoshi's whitepaper, claims this would be "an amazing amount of value" at $ 10,000 per coin.

The number of Bitcoin whales peaked at two years on April 10 amid what appears to be a new phase of accumulation.

According to the data provided by CoinMetrics, holders with at least 1,000 BTC control over 42% of Bitcoin's total supply. In particular, this percentage is four percent higher compared to the December 2017 peak, which can be explained by the fact that many retail investors jumped after the accident.

Still, Bitcoin pales in comparison to other projects when it comes to wealth inequality. Stellar and Ripple get a cake in this department, with more than 80 percent of their addresses controlled by deep-pocketed holders.

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