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Netflix falls 3% despite capturing 15.77 million users due to global confinement


Netflix, the world's leading online content platform, has left almost 3% Wall Street despite having captured 15.77 million paid users by the worldwide confinement to which the population of many countries is subjected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The number of new customers has far exceeded the forecast of the consensus of 8.2 million users and the estimate of the company itself, which three months ago expected to win 7 million customers.

Netflix has posted a net profit of $ 709 million and a earnings per share (EPS) of $ 1.57, figures that have more than doubled the profit and the EPS of the first quarter of last year (although the consensus anticipated a higher EPS of $ 1.64). Revenue has increased to $ 5.77 billion from 4.520 million, slightly above the 5,750 million predicted.

The actions of Netflix they have initially rebounded more than 10% after the results, although later they have moderated their progress to 1%. The value has been one of the clear winners of the crisis for its business model and this Monday marked a New all-time high at $ 437.49.

Their more discreet behavior after their results is explained because investors had already widely discounted the profit of users globally. Natixis IM economist, Esty Dwekwarns of "lack of visibility for companies in the second quarter". Something that is evident even in companies like Netflix, "which has surprised on the upside, but has already released a notice on how the moment of miscarriage will weigh"

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