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The hacker who broke into dForce has returned the $ 25 million in cryptocurrencies that were stolen


Over the weekend, something really severe happened to the DeFi dForce protocol. A hacker managed to gain unauthorized access to the network and stole the funds from his wallets. After the attack, it was discovered that a total of $ 25 million in cryptocurrencies was stolen.

The news of the hack spread like wildfire, and some people suggested that the network was about to shut down due to the large amount of stolen resources. In fact, the $ 25 million stolen by the hacker represented all properties within the network, meaning that dForce went bankrupt because of the hack. However, things seem to be improving for the network.

Apparently, the hacker who stole the funds has decided to return them, something that has taken many by surprise. Hackers steal billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies every year, but not every time hackers decided to return the loot.

However, the hacker appears to have converted the original cryptocurrencies into various other cryptocurrencies and derivatives, as revealed in the recorded transactions as the funds are returned in several separate transactions. In fact, one of the recorded transactions involves ETH worth $ 10 million.

At the time of writing, the hacker had returned around $ 24 million of the $ 25 million in stolen cryptocurrencies. However, it is still unclear whether they will top up the balance or plan to keep something. Also, it is still unclear what kind of point the hacker intended to make by stealing and then returning the money.

In addition to getting your stolen money back, dForce seems to be very lucky lately. Several institutions, including a China-based bank called CMB International (CMBI) and Huobi Capital have joined the network. Recently, the dForce Foundation received $ 1.5 million in investment funds from these institutions led by Multicoin Capital. These investments are intended to improve dForce staff and help launch new products.

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