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"Cardano (ADA) has the best code quality in the cryptocurrency industry"


Cardano has been touted as one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the industry, and many characters have put that fact forward. The latest event involved a Twitter user by the name of “Red Pin” who applauded Cardano (ADA) for his steadfast energy in fostering the development of the cryptocurrency industry through its innovative solutions like the Shelley update.

Recently, the Cardano developer team managed to migrate Shelley from the testnet stage to the final mainnet. The team has also been receiving many confirmations for the source code, up to approximately 2,600 confirmations each week.

At that rate, it adds 11,000 confirmations monthly and around 134,000 confirmations in a year. That's a pretty impressive volume that points to the growing attention being commanded by Cardano within the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. The user made his views known in a tweet.

Responding to Red Pin's tweet, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson released a sarcastic statement presumably to mock the many people who had lost faith in the project.

In the answerCharles made sure to highlight the various opinions of Cardano's critics in a sarcastic way.

The Cardano (ADA) code is top notch

However, it seems that there are still some people who have not fully come to see the light regarding the work in progress under Cardano. A Twitter user tried to set in doubt whether Cardano can handle the many confirmations (2,600) that are sent out every week.

According to this user, the confirmations are too many to be handled by the team of developers who also have the task of keeping track of all the changes.

In response, Charles Hoskinson was quick to point out that Cardano's code quality was top-notch, the best in the industry, and that his team of developers was keeping track of everything through the use of quick controls and other effective means. He went on to argue that the Quality Assurance (QA) team has fairly high testing standards.

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