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The r / Cryptocurrency subreddit has reached one million subscribers and will give away 1.5 million satoshis


The r / CryptoCurrency subreddit has been running strong for seven years and has reached its first million subscribers. To mark the important milestone, the moderators launch a gift of cryptocurrencies. The total price of 1.5 million satoshis will go to three commentators.

In the 14-year history of Reddit, there have been numerous exceptional subreddits. However, the r / Bitcoin and r / Cryptocurrency subreddits are the only ones in the 'novel' category found in the top chart of 300 subreddits. r / CryptoCurrency has position 299 in it.

The modifications are offering visitors the opportunity to earn money. All they need to do is write a base10 number between 0 and 65535 in the comments section. If you feel like it, present a Bitcoin address for your convenience.

r / CryptoCurrency is a free subreddit dedicated to cryptocurrencies. It lacks political orientation in the debate on the size of the block. Anyone can post anything uncensored. It is worth noting the sub r / Bitcoin that has 1.35 million followers and r / BTC, with 292K followers. It's also about Bitcoin, but they both have a different approach to some Bitcoin Bitcoin policies ’.

Despite the fact that r / BTC is presented as a zone of lawlessness, people have also reported on censorship there. The only unrestricted subreddit would be r / CryptoCurrency, as well as several smaller ones. With just another 99,000 subscribers, the subreddit will catch up with r / wallstreetbets that has 1.1 million 'Degenerates' following it (according to subreddit).

How to enter the r / CryptoCurrency giveaway?

Users have the opportunity to participate until April 22 in this thread. After that, mods will block comments and Bitcoin miners will pick the winner. How? Here is a math puzzle: mods will take block 627300, extract hashes, read last 4 digits and convert to base10. The commenter who chose the closest number receives $ 73 in Bitcoin. Two other people with similar or close suggestions will receive $ 16 each. The prizes will be paid in Bitcoin as follows:

1. 1,000,000 satoshi (0.01 BTC)

2. 420,000 satoshi (0.0042 BTC)

3. 69,000 satoshi (0.00069 BTC)

In case the Bitcoin price increases to $ 10,000, the price of 0.01 BTC will be worth $ 100. However, if the price drops, participants receive less in equivalent dollars.

Moderators have requested people with at least 50 karma comments and the account must be a minimum of one month old. You must type the number you are placing a bet with, then your optional message after adding a space.

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