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PZM Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a means of payment within a rapidly growing ecosystem and in which the economic motives of each individual participant provide an increase in overall wealth. PZM Cash's main strategic success factor is its commitment to the increasing staggering and balance of money supply and demand.

The asset has an architecture that gives it the advantage of having side chains that guarantee the security of the general ledger, proof of possession stake consensus algorithm and maximum capacities for developers of decentralized applications (DApps).

Furthermore, PZM Cash stands out for its decentralization. So it is a fair ecosystem, in which each user can participate in decision-making and increase the value of the coin.

Decisions on updates and changes are made by majority vote using the option built into the native portfolio.

However, the asset has another factor that makes it a remarkable cryptocurrency: its speed.

The average time it takes to generate a new block every 60 seconds ensures the stability and development of the network.

Smart contracts

With PZM Cash, the ability to use cryptocurrency to create decentralized banks, exchanges, credit services, exchangers, casinos, betting shops, games and applications is born.

It also uses Java and Web3.js technology. The implementation of PZM Cash in Java allowed the use of Web3.js technology, which will significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of the PZM Cash Wallet due to unification.

Users will be able to access sites and services without registering through the wallet, in which cryptography is used as a means of payment.

All data on this asset will be freely available on GitHub, with the provision of SDK for third-party applications based on PZM Cash.

PZM Cash mining innovation

PZM Cash

The PZM Cash team has significantly improved the point of sale consensus algorithm. The commission for transactions on the PZM Cash network is fixed, which guarantees a fair distribution of remuneration among the validators.

The key difference between PZM Cash and the “classic” concept of the point of sale lies in the filling mechanism of the network with the money supply.

The PZM Cash team rejected the full issue when generating the first block – only 1% of the total coins will be distributed when the network is released using the pre-mine. The remaining coins will be issued during PoS mining – incentive payments to loyal PZM Cash holders for supporting the network.

The main advantage of the Proof of Stake algorithm in PZM is the guaranteed protection against attacks of 51%. To carry out an attack it is necessary to redeem 51% of the total current coin mass.

In fact, a user must redeem a "controlling stake," which is unlikely for this system.

The fundamental working principle on which the PZM system is based is the accumulation of cryptocurrencies PZM Cash.

The profitability of this asset is calculated by the developers of the project. The principle of this system is similar to that of a deposit account, which receives interest as a reward for using the bank's services.

In the point of sale system, each participant who has a large balance of coins has a good opportunity to form a block.

The more cryptocurrencies there are in the portfolio, the greater the possibility of adding a block. PZM Cash takes into account the balance of the portfolio, which was static in this account for 1440 blocks less the coins involved in the unconfirmed transactions sent.

Java implementation in PZM Cash

The implementation of PZM Cash in Java further expands the possible range of third-party applications; the relative simplicity of the language allows a wide range of developers to join in the work of expanding the functionality of the PZM Cash ecosystem.

It also allows you to significantly expand the functionality of PZM Cash related navigation solutions.

Web3.js portfolio

PZM Cash

The final advantage of PZM Cash, which is provided through the use of Java, is the possibility of using the Web3.js wallet solution.

In this way, a wide range of partners will have access to the balance and will unify PZM Cash as a payment instrument.

Web3.js technology is already popular on large and successful projects. It allows you to comfortably go through your wallet to sites and services where you use cryptocurrency as payment.

Each user, regardless of their country of residence, can carry out transactions, as well as participate in the administration of the network, if they so wish. To do this, simply deploy the node and install the necessary software.

PZM Cash uses a two-tier node structure:

A full node is a device with the installed PZM Cash software, which stores the current and current full version of the blockchain.

This can act as a consensus node. The owner of a full node can actively participate in the formation of the blockchain, constantly grouping incoming transactions into blocks and distributing them over the network.

A full node also acts as an audit node. In this context, a node regularly checks the results of forging other nodes and distributes the load across the network, acting as a kind of content delivery network for blockchain data.

The second type of node is "thin clients". They contain only important data for the node. This saves memory on the hard drive and processing power. That is why they are a good option to organize a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency usage scenarios in PZM Cash

For any PZM Cash user, there are two cryptocurrency usage scenarios: passive and active. They differ in the degree of participation in the development of the network.

In the first, a network participant is its simple user; while with the second, the user is also a network administrator (validator) and actively participates in its development and expansion.

Therefore, there are two types of network participants: simple users, who use active wallets (in a web environment). They do not allocate space for network needs on their computers, they do not implement nodes and they receive income only by keeping PZM Cash in their wallets. And validators, who receive income from validation, adding new blocks to the chain.

The rewards

Another feature that sets PZM Cash apart from other cryptocurrencies is that users of the PZM Cash thin client can be rewarded for supporting the ecosystem.
The PZM mining PoS algorithm provides a stable flow of new coins to the balance of "light" wallets.

The reward in PZM Cash consists of two parts: the commissions of the total amount of transactions included in the block (here some implement the ability to set a higher commission in your transaction so that the miner has an incentive to add a transaction to the block that forms); and the fixed remuneration for the block (for mining). A fixed block reward can decrease over time, for example how bitcoin halving works.

What development model does PZM Cash offer?

PZM Cash

The main strategic objective is the rapid growth of the ecosystem. This is an important condition because the appearance of new projects on the market will create additional values ​​for the consumer by adding new products and services.
Furthermore, an increase in demand will lead to a balance of supply, and due to an increase in billing, the stability of PZM Cash will be strengthened in relation to the external environment.

The development of the system will be successful if a reasonable algorithm is provided to fill the network with liquidity and the channels to scale the network. Both private projects, individual users, developers and developers of projects and applications, and agents of public government can become participants in the public ecosystem of PZM Cash.

The benefits of participating

By participating in the PZM Cash ecosystem, you gain a set of competitive advantages, such as access to a growing solvent customer base. Therefore, expand your business and increase profits.

As well as the automation of business processes by introducing a mutual agreement system, a smart contract system, monitoring the reputation of contractors, fighting counterfeiting.

In addition, there is the opportunity to build long-term partnerships and value chains; And your company's reputation and status grow as the environment evolves.

Users gain access to venture capital funds and other large investors. Also, gain access to the international market.

PZM Cash Success Predictions

The demand for the PZM Cash system will increase due to the integration of partners who will use the PZM Cash currencies as a payment unit.

It is the supply and demand of a particular currency that forms its exchange rate. For the stability of the PZM cash rate, a sufficient amount of coins is provided in the ecosystem, according to the algorithm to fill the liquidity of the network.

Due to the fact that PZM Cash Wallet is implemented in Web3.js technology, PZM Cash coins are universal as they can be used in different projects and associated platforms for settlements.

The PZM Cash team has also significantly modified the PoS consensus algorithm. The transaction fee of the PZM Cash network is established, which guarantees a fair distribution of the rewards among the validators.

Using these advantages of the PZM Cash system, you can not only actively earn and create passive income, but also automate business processes.

The sale of PZM cash coins started on April 6, 2020. For more information: https://pzmcash.com

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