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Sánchez will propose to extend the state of alarm and will release the children on April 27


The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will propose to extend for another 15 days the state of alarm from next April 26, which will last until May 9. "It is not possible to lift the confinement stockings and go to phase 2," he said. However, measures will be "eased" and the children will be released into the street from April 27.

Sánchez has explained that he will make this proposal for his approval next Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies. "We have managed to contain the spread of the virus" and "we have achieved the most difficult and hardest thanks to the social discipline of the Spanish," he said.

However, "these achievements are insufficient and above all fragile", with which "We have to make progress before starting the de-escalation" and lift the confinement absolutely for the entire population, the president has pointed out. Of course, he stressed that the new state of alarm will not be the same, it will gradually rise and the de-escalation will be asymmetric: "We do not have to give a homogeneous response between communities." Thus, until the end of May "we will have different alarm states".

For the time being, he has made the decision of "unconfining" the children. Even though the security requirements and criteria will be taken this next week, He pointed out that "the benchmark is the health law, which is 12 years". "After consulting with specialists in child psychology and pediatrics, the experts consider that it is possible to alleviate the confinement of children from April 27," Sánchez said, adding that they have to "take the maximum precautions". "We are aware of the needs that children have", therefore, "they will be given the opportunity to enjoy a little while a day outdoors."


On the other hand, Sánchez has indicated the proposal that he launches to the other political parties to achieve a state pact, which will include strengthening the health system, the reconstruction of the business fabrical, social protection measures for families and common position in the European Union (EU). "The reconstruction agreements must cover the four issues that are affected by this emergency, to facilitate understanding and leave out other topics subject to controversy, "said the president.

On Europe, Sánchez considers that "the position of the Government of Spain is clear and firm: Europe is all of us and it is now when we have to demonstrate it." "The pulse has been tense, but meetings with Europe are beginning to bear fruit"it would be" unforgivable for them to repeat the mistakes of the past ".

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