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Amazon will test its staff with the question of whether the Government will allow them in Spain


Amazon you will have to avoid a new case Siemens Gamesa in Spain. The e-commerce giant has recently announced that its goal is to test its entire workforce to detect early if they have contracted the coronavirus. Will the Government of Pedro Sánchez How do they point out that you did previously from the Spanish listed company?

Union sources have commented to ForexNews.online that "we do not know if this type of action is going to be carried out in Spain" when asked if the ambitious measure of the Jeff Bezos It will leave the United States and, even more, it will reach our country.

The giant's global workforce at the end of 2019 flirted with 800,000 employees. From the company itself, when asked if the tests will reach Amazon Spain, they refer us to the statement released by Bezos and published on the company's blog.

In this letter addressed especially to Amazon shareholders, Bezos says that the company has started to build its own laboratory hoping to start testing a small group of workers and later on, extend the fence until it reaches the rest of its staff.

"We are not sure how far we will go and how relevant it will be when we do, but we think it is worth a try," says Amazon CEO. To do this, several of its workers have been relocated and given a new task: to vaccinate the historical maximum values ​​on Wall Street against the virus. The stock accumulates a rise of nearly 40% from last month and this week has set new highs.


Siemens Gamesa It has made headlines this week after public authorities requisitioned a batch of 2,000 rapid virus detection tests. The wind power company aspired to distribute them among its own medical teams to start using them on employees who returned to work at the factory on Monday, as reported The confidential.

The newspaper continues indicating that Gamesa bought the tests from Germany and they were going to be operated by its subcontracted medical services in Spain, such as Quirón Prevención.

From the Ministry of Health no comments have been made in this regard beyond the words of his minister, Salvador Illa, who assured that he had not "requisitioned material from any company, what is ordered or established in this order is that companies have to notify those diagnostic devices either PCRs or rapid diagnostic tests they have at their disposal and what they intend to do with them so that it is done if it proceeds according to the indications of the CCAA ".

From Gamesa, the spokesperson for the energy CCOO union, Clara Fernández, explained to Reuters that "the company told us that the supplier that was going to provide the tests at the optimal time did not have them, because the government requisitioned them. "


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