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US investigates whether Covid-19 accidentally left a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan


USA investigate whether the Covid-19 Accidentally left a Chinese laboratory, several intelligence officials have confirmed to NBC News. American espionage works with the hypothesis that a researcher from a military and civilian laboratory in Wuhan You could have accidentally become infected and spread the virus without knowing it.

The reports prepared so far have ruled out that the new coronavirus was created by man, as confirmed by numerous scientists. However, they do not rule out the possibility of human error in this laboratory, dedicated to research on coronaviruses, despite the fact that China has flatly denied this claim.

Questioned by this information, the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, He commented that "it is something that we have closely analyzed for some time", although he added that the results of the investigation so far are "inconclusive"

In recent days, FoxNews, closely linked to President Trump, has published that sources from the American government "believe that the coronavirus outbreak originated in the Wuhan laboratory as part of China's efforts to compete with the US. "

He Wuhan Institute of Virology It is a virology research institute administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is located in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan. In 2015, the first level 4 biosecurity laboratory was opened in mainland China at this institute, specialized in the bat-associated coronavirus research and its potential to transmit them to humans.

According to sources cited by Fox News, the initial transmission of the virus, a strain of natural origin that was being studied in this laboratory, was from bat to human. And 'patient zero' worked in the laboratory and accidentally spread it to the Wuhan population.

The president himself Donald trump has been responsible for fueling these rumors by commenting that "we hear the story more and more … we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation. "So the information may well be a new leak interested in the particular propaganda 'war' they have engaged China and the USA to blame for the origin of the pandemic.

For his part, The Washington Post It has echoed an alert released in 2018 by the American Embassy about the alleged lack of security in this laboratory. The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, one of Trump's hawks, has commented that "we know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology It is located a few kilometers from where the wet market was. There is still a lot to learn. "Pompeo has asked to know the security conditions of this facility, something that seems highly unlikely that China will agree to.

In the middle of March, after the first American accusations accusing Beijing of having hidden the origin of the virus and its dangerous rate of contagion, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, I affirm that "the US military may have brought the epidemic to Wuhan The United States must be transparent! And you must publish your data! The United States owes us an explanation. "

Lijian alluded to the seventh edition of the World Military Games, a competition that was held in Wuhan in the second half of October 2019, very shortly before the virus began to spread. The Global Times newspaper, considered one of the official publications of the Chinese Government, published an information stating that 'patient 0' could be an American military man who participated in these games.

About 160 military integrated the Spanish delegation who participated in this event, who returned to Spain with a bronze medal achieved in naval trousers. In total, the World Military Games brought together 104 countries represented by 9,603 military athletes.

The celebration of this great event occurred just before the start of the pandemic. As published The South China Morning Post, a publication critical of the communist regime, 'patient 0' of Covid-19 could have been confirmed on November 17 in Wuhan, "according to the government data seen by the Post ", although it is not ruled out that the disease was being transmitted previously, almost at the same time as the mentioned games.

One of the most prominent examples of Chinese censorship of the Covid-19 has been that of the doctor Li Wenliang, one of the first to warn about the new virus in late December and who was forced to retract and then die, presumably after contracting the disease. His death sparked a wave of outrage on the Chinese social network. Weibo, similar to Twitter, which was also censored by the authorities.

Thus the things, the origin of Covid-19 and its worldwide spread It has become one of the great mysteries that must be solved in the coming months. At the moment, as in other areas such as commercial and technological, The United States and China have begun a propaganda war that threatens any independent attempt to know the objective truth of the facts.


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