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ChainLink returns to battle and looks for the $ 3.64 again. You'll make it?


ChainLink has been one of the few cryptocurrencies that has remained bullish in recent days, going from April 06 from $ 2.24 to $ 3.64, an increase of more than 59%. At the moment it is oscillating a little below that last maximum, around $ 3.35.

In the graph it can be seen how the pivot point of the week has been used as a solid floor to give an upward bounce, although even this can be considered as a simple pullback, there is the possibility of reaching $ 3.60 again if it manages to maintain strength of this momentum.

In a scenario where it cannot reach the previous maximum of $ 3.64, we will undoubtedly see a new decline in the cryptocurrency to the pivot point above $ 3.11, up to here we would still be maintaining the uptrend, the risk comes if that level is broken and we go until the EMA 200 where it just coincides 38% or even lower until the next pivot point support at $ 2.58.

Hopefully this does not happen and LINK can maintain this support where it has given a major bullish bounce.

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