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"The Chainlink (LINK) project is truly promising and has good merits"


Gemini Exchange Co-Founder Tyler Winklevoss praised the technology behind the Chainlink (LINK) innovation, saying that the idea for this cryptocurrency has real promise and technical merit.

The twin Winklevoss, in a message to the Chainlink community, praised the passionate display of love and dedication by community members, saying his actions remind him of the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“I really appreciate the passion of LINK Marines.

Their fervor and dedication remind me of the early Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Unlike many other crypto armies, they are dedicated to a project that has real promise and technical merit. ”

Chainlink is among the few cryptocurrencies that have been working lately. Digital innovation has been considered one of the few with tangible use cases in an industry with many worthless ideas.

Chainlink recently had a higher daily volume than Ethereum and Ripple's XRP.

On April 13, LINK saw a total trading volume of $ 130,535,603. This milestone was preceded by the fact that Chainlink was rated the best cryptocurrency in 2019, and it suddenly went from $ 0.29 to $ 1.80 in no time.

At the moment, the digital currency remains at the eleventh position in CoinMarketCap. On March 4, the Chainlink token price reached $ 4.95. LINK is now changing hands at $ 3.25 with a return on investment close to 2000%.

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