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Fairspin casino announces another record blockchain-proof victory


Fairspin, a blockchain casino offering games from the best game providers, has announced the gaming statistics for the past month, and the new record win is revealed to have taken place in March.

On March 7, the lucky winner earned 2.5 BTC ($ 22,000 at the time of withdrawal) for just one day. The victory came from a deposit of $ 1,900. The biggest one-time win came in the Hip Hop Panda game (provider PG Soft) when the player got $ 6,000 out of a $ 180 bet.

This victory is backed by a relevant transaction on the blockchain. Fairspin actually provides a double proof of every win. They show transactions first in TPLAY tokens, sent from the Fairspin wallet to a player's Fairspin wallet. They then show the transactions sent to the player's crypto wallet, which is any wallet used to make deposits in the first place. Players can verify all transactions on the Fairspin website or on Etherscan.

Although the Hip Hop Panda game, like any other game on Fairspin, is not developed on the blockchain, it becomes completely transparent due to the TruePlay solution integrated with Fairspin. Using the TruePlay blockchain platform, Fairspin automatically converts any currency available on the site into a TPLAY token launched by TruePlay, which is linked to ETH and has a fixed rate of 0.001 ETH (1 ETH equals 1000 TPLAY tokens).

With all transactions stored through smart token contracts, it is technically possible to obtain game statistics and make them available to the public.

Among the main Fairspin winners in March are:
26 ETH ($ 3,500) in-game Book of Gold with $ 500 deposit – March 21;
39 ETH ($ 5,200) in the Hip Hop Panda game with a $ 500 deposit – March 31.

In February, the Fairspin casino released a previous record win, which was 1.79 BTC ($ 17,549 at the time) in the Book of Gold game with a small deposit of $ 50.

The casino also shared changes in gaming statistics regarding the current health situation that affected everyone. It has been observed that since the end of February, the main hours of activity have gone from business days (Monday to Wednesday nights) to weekends. Supposedly, most players stay at home as advised by authorities around the world.

Fairspin is the first and still the only blockchain casino with games that are not blockchain, but totally transparent. Register all game data on blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts and ERC20 token, TPLAY. This solution helps players choose games with a demonstrable win rate, or RTP (Return to Player). Either 99% or 87%, players can choose their game wisely.

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