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Advances in online security


Due to the current situation, people are beginning to look for new ways to invest their money in order to protect themselves against a possible economic crisis. This has led many of these people to migrate to the digital world, which offers them more innovative platforms compared to traditional methods. However, despite all the benefits that digital platforms offer, security remains a major problem for this sector. According to a study by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, in March 2020, 11,011 cases of online scams were reported with losses reaching $ 14,785,283.

In the digital world there are different types of scams, so it is important to know them to know how to prevent them. According to Scamwatch, a website specialized in online scam statistics, these are the five types of scams most reported, in 2020, by users:

  • Phishing with more than 7,500 cases.
  • False collections: 3,312 cases.
  • Online shopping scams: 3,090 cases.
  • Identity theft: 2,943 cases.
  • Hacks: 1,698 cases.

The website also states that the most frequent victims of this type of scam are adults over 65, with more than 5,000 cases reported. While the numbers are high, they are down at the moment compared to last year, which means that companies are working effectively to protect their users more. These are some of the companies that have already implemented security measures against digital crime.

Traxalt, a major digital asset, offers its users a platform based on blockchain technology, which guarantees high-level security to its users and has been mentioned in various media due to its high security standards. In addition to this, the brand also seeks to constantly educate its followers about these topics with content on their social networks. Ripple and Monero are also other companies in the crypto world that constantly share this type of educational content with their users.

IBM is another major digital company that has implemented changes to improve the security of its users. Its security platform uses artificial intelligence and cloud platforms to detect threats and protect the information of its users.

In addition to the work of brands against digital crime, tools have also been created to improve security and protect information. An example of this is the 2FA system. Two-step authentication is an extra procedure which aims to ensure that the person accessing an account is actually the owner of the information and not a hacker.

While scams in the digital world continue to be a problem, more and more companies and tools are seeking to counter it. According to a study conducted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, from 2020 to 2025, the spending by companies on digital security is expected to exceed trillion dollars. In addition to these measures, it is also important that users know about the subject and take into account all the preventive measures that companies share to avoid becoming victims of this type of scam.

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