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Cardano Shelley Test Network Numbers


An update, in the form of an infographic, was recently released on the performance of Shelley, which, as you know, is Cardano's testnet used to verify how stakeout works and how users receive rewards.

The data is very positive and continues to increase every week. Currently, there are 1,199 registered groups, of which 885 have at least 1 delegated ADA, while 70% of the groups are active and a third of them actively produce blocks.

In terms of users, there is also an increase in their number: 18 thousand active users they have been outdone and have received their rewards.

In fact, all those who decide to delegate their ADA to the various stake groups, in return receive a percentage proportional to their staking, even though this is just a testnet.

The ADA bet on Shelley's testnet is now 12.45 billion, which is more than a third of the total supply of 32 billion, so a really remarkable number shows how, thanks to the relative incentive, Cardano is heading in the right direction.

There is a real revolution in terms of protocol, not only when it comes to Cardano, but also for the other blockchains whose PoS (Proof of Stake) model is becoming increasingly popular, including Ethereum, which is set to replace your Proof of Work.

Furthermore, Cardano had recently anticipated the arrival of his own stable coin.

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