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BNB about to decide whether to extend the correction or start next week with a bullish rebound.


Binance coin we have at the moment giving a movement to the uptrend line formed in the chart since the rise began on March 16. Currently these $ 13.77 are one point, since this is where the future of the currency is decided for the short term.

We have two possible scenarios for the next few hours, the first one is to see a rebound from this trend line that coincides exactly with the 23% fibonacci, we also have an EMA of 200 periods around $ 14.10 which at the moment is serving as dynamic resistance. Overcoming it would be a great indication that the price managed to recover the lost ground from $ 15.5.

The second scenario is the bearish one, it implies that the price breaks the trend line and we enter a deeper correction up to 38% Fibonacci minimum or a level close to the pivot point of the week at $ 13. For now we have to wait to see what the price will do in this and the next 4-hour candle.

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