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Ethereum trading volumes have been rising steadily since yesterday


Ethereum trading volumes have been going up steadily since yesterday, when its price hit $ 170.

Yesterday, in fact, the volume increase was reflected in Ethereum with an increase in ETH that was one of the best in the last period, with jumps that even exceeded 15%, while its volumes marked the highest figure since mid-March with approximately $ 700 million traded in the last 24 hours.

These are important trading volumes for Ethereum that have supported it on the upside, highlighting that for ETH yesterday was an important day.

After having overcome yesterday the 210 billion dollars, a level that had not been registered since last March 11, today the total capitalization is still just below this threshold, but still highlights how there has been a general recovery of the entire sector.

Bitcoin's dominance remains around 65%, while those of Ethereum, which regained its 9% share, and Ripple at 4.2% have remained unchanged since yesterday.

By analyzing what has been going on since early April, the balance is decidedly positive with a general increase and jumps that currently go beyond double digits. Separating the days between positive and negative, there is a substantial balance. From April 1 to yesterday there are 4 positive days and 3 negative days.

However, unlike what happened between February and mid-March, where the bearish days showed a much more evident descending pronunciation than the ascending ones, in these last 4 weeks the bullish days prevail by the intensity, highlighting how there is a desire for upward change.

This improvement sees the feeling, the index of fear and greed, stationary at the lowest levels of the scale for the past 18 months, returning after 4 weeks to rise above the 20-point level, which still shows a prevalence of fear (fear and extreme fear is below 20 in a scale from 0 to 100) and gives indications of a possible change of pace.

This change of pace sees the recovery of more than 70% among the main cryptocurrencies, and the day turns green again.

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