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EOS has introduced a new alternative to Zoom based on Blockchain


During this pandemic, the various video conferencing tools provide a very important element, especially Zoom, which unfortunately had some privacy issues yesterday, so the team EOSRapid, a blockchain producer (BP) from the EOS blockchain, shared his project kChat, A tool that allows video conferencing using the EOS blockchain.

The video in the tweet is quite telling and shows live how the platform works, currently only in testing.

With one account, it is possible to call another account using the EOS blockchain without using a platform that uses a centralized system.

Often when using certain services like social media or programs like Skype or Zoom, users don't think about their sensitive data and where it ends up, on what servers, if it's secure, and who can access it.

Instead, by using a decentralized service, users could be more confident that their data will remain protected.

As mentioned, everything is operational in the Jungle testing network. To use and test it, you need to connect to the website with an EOS wallet and choose an account to interact and start a call.

It is undeniable that blockchain can also be implemented in this video conferencing area, a critical tool, especially these days, locked indoors due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, it should be noted that this is not the first dApp (decentralized application) with which it is possible to make video calls on the EOS blockchain.

In fact, there is also EOS Chat, formerly called sense.chat created by Crystal Rose. Also in this case, when using an account, it is possible to chat and make video calls using the EOS blockchain protocol.

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