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"Buy Bitcoin (BTC), the USD is dying thanks to the Federal Reserve"


Robert Kiyosaki, the writer and investor who gave the world the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', recommends buying Bitcoin because the US dollar is dying.

Robert Kiyosaki is back on Twitter with his pro-Bitcoin narrative. It appears he intends to get his message across to investors and convince them to forgo the US dollar in favor of precious metals like gold (XAU) and silver (XAG). Bitcoin is also on its list of recommended assets.

Buy Bitcoin, gold and silver

Kiyosaki insists that investors must buy real gold, silver, not paper ETFs and Bitcoin, because the dollar is dying, he tweeted.

He reminded his audience that in 2008, when the first financial crisis erupted due to the home loan bubble, the United States Federal Reserve printed around $ 4.5 trillion to save the financial elite.

However, this time, this amount of USD will not be enough and the Fed is going to inject $ 6 to $ 8 trillion into the economy from the press, he says.

The problem is that the author of rico Rich Dad, Poor Dad ’is that there is only $ 9.5 trillion in gold globally and the Fed intends to print more dollars than that amount this year.

Kiyosaki believes that buying Bitcoin, real gold and real silver could help investors save their money, thus confirming BTC's status as 'digital gold'.

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