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Bitcoin looking for major price resistances. Possible scenarios for the short term.


Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency in the market is currently in a very positive scenario for the short and medium term, moving on a bullish trend line seeking to exceed the previous high of a few days ago at $ 7,217. Everything indicates that we will see a break of $ 7200 if it is possible to maintain a good volume on the rise.

Currently we have the strongest resistance in R1 around $ 7372. This point could be key to Bitcoin's short-term future. Exceeding it would indicate a consolidation of the upward trend that the cryptocurrency has carried since March 16 that began to rise from $ 4,400.

It is important to mention the two key points of this week that is just beginning. On the one hand we have the aforementioned R1 at $ 7,372 and the pivot point below about $ 6,600 that can function as a strong support area to maintain the trend.

Likewise, the trend line is playing a fundamental role between the two points already mentioned. a break of it to the downside would imply a move to the pivot to seek to bounce in that area. As long as the price remains above this line, the possibilities of more upward movements and a breakdown of major resistance will continue.

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