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Pedro Sánchez asks to emulate the "Pacts of La Moncloa" to reactivate the economy


Pedro Sánchez is already in contact with the leaders of the other political parties to be able to approve the extension of the alarm state until next April 26. At a press conference, the president has asked to emulate the "Moncloa Pacts" that were made during the Transition to reactivate the economy because "we are facing the crisis of our lives." It has also called for strengthening the welfare state and the importance of digitization.

During his appearance, he has requested the unity of the political forces at the "historical crossroads" in which Spain finds itself due to the coronavirus crisis. In addition, he stressed that the European Union (EU) "cannot fail" at this difficult time.

Sánchez has decided to extend the alarm state for two more weeks, after meeting on Saturday morning with the committee of experts, which has made this recommendation to get the contagion curve to finish stabilizing. This is the second extension of this exceptional period since it was first decreed on March 15.

To the citizens, he has asked for two more weeks of effort and sacrifice because "we are very close to bending the curve". This goal is getting closer, although once it is achieved, the return to normal will be carried out progressively. "When the descent of the contagion curve begins, we will not be able to allow ourselves to relax our attention for a moment," he said.

There will be more extensions after April 26, but not under current conditions, as the president has advanced. "At the end of April it will not be over", but it will begin to recover a certain economic activity and some spaces of social relationship that have been lost to stop the virus.

The government is already working on a plan to progressively return to normal at the end of the confinement period, while still keeping the virus at bay. "The end point of the pandemic will only come with a vaccine, which unfortunately is going to take a few months yet," said the president. Until then, measures will be put in place to prevent infections from spiking again.


The intention of the Executive is to ensure that coronavirus cases continue to grow at a slower rate. The data of this Saturday have been somewhat hopeful, with the smallest daily increase in infections (7,026) and admissions to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (106) since the health crisis began.

The saddest data is still the number of deaths, with 809 new deaths in one day, although it is the lowest figure for a week. In total, 11,744 people in Spain have lost their lives to this disease.

The positive side is the 3,706 people who have left the hospital in the last 24 hours, increasing to 34,219 the medical discharges that have been achieved since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

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