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What supports and resistances must we watch for in Santander's securities?


We continue betting that the rebound from the March lows will continue. But the condition that we demand of the price is that the 1.93 euros be respected at all times.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

We are still in the rebound or reaction phase for the bulk of the stocks in our market. This is not incompatible with the lurching up and down that we have continued to witness in recent times. All in all, it must be recognized that the amplitude of movements (volatility) begins to decrease. Something normal in a rebound phase and after the historical crash that we have experienced. In the very short term, Santander stocks show a support in the bullish gap of the session of March 24 in the 2.11 euros and below we have the March lows at 1.93 euros. While on the resistance side we have the 2.52 euros and above and more relevant the weekly bearish gap of 3.05 euros. And in medium and long-term terms, the most important supports at this time are the previously mentioned March lows and below the 2009 lows of 1.77 euros. While on the resistance side we have the 2.64 euros (the 2016 lows, before support) and the weekly bearish gap to which we have referred in the 3.05 euros.

Banco Santander weekly chart

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