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Wall Street is off to a smooth start and the Dow is on the verge of its worst quarter ever


A login plane and the Dow Jones on the verge of initiating its worst quarter in history. This is how the futures of Wall street this Tuesday. The main US indices are still embracing the volatility of recent weeks and managed to close green this Monday after their falls last Friday.

The market has found moderate stability pending another round of economic stimulus in the US. This was advanced by the own Nancy Pelosi this very Monday.

It's not all good news and Goldman Sachs has taken advantage of the impact of the virus to lower its growth prospects for the second quarter in the US. Now, the investment bank expects unemployment of up to 15% and growth of -34% in this period. The entity does not see a vigorous rebound in the economy until the third quarter.

The Fed itself anticipates that, in the worst case scenario, unemployment in the US will shoot up to 32% and the millions of unemployed will triple the figure registered at the peak of the Great Recession.

In the commodity market, oil rebounds 5% on average from its November 2002 lows. Black gold celebrates the impending summit between Trump and Putin to try to stabilize energy prices.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex reduces its particular rebound pressured by the falls of BBVA. In Asia, the parks have closed mixed with Chinese manufacturing activity rebounding in March.


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