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Bitcoin donations to the Red Cross for Coronavirus are having great success


A few days ago, the Italian Red Cross launched a fundraiser for the coronavirus emergency.

The recollection ended successfully, more than 3 BTC raised in two weeks, for an amount of more than € 20,000.

The campaign was organized by the Colli Albani Comitato of the Italian Red Cross, who, thanks to these funds raised, bought the necessary material to establish a new Advanced Medical Post for the pre-triage of COVID-19.

Thanks to the platform Helperbit, it was possible to collect BTC from around the world in a short time and in a simple way, converting them into euros and turning them into tangible assets, essential for the emergency situation.

The final commission costs were less than 1%.

The purchased items have already been delivered to the warehouses of the Colli Albani Comitato.

The campaign launch process lasted around 3 days in total, including due diligence, defining the project objective, writing the description, and opening the multi-signature bitcoin wallet.

To reach the expected goal of € 10,000 in BTC, it took another 3 days, while to date the total collection is approximately 3.2 BTC.

2.91492543 BTC have already been converted to euros Thanks to the platform Tinkl.it, for a partial total of 18,551 euros net, which was then sent by bank transfer to the Committee's bank account.

The products were purchased on March 25 and on March 27 the main component of the PMA was delivered: Posto Medico Avanzato (Advanced Medical Post), that is, an independent inflatable tent.

The first WFP installation is scheduled for April 5.

In total, donors only paid 0.00989986 BTC in fees for on-chain bitcoin transactions, while Helperbit he did not charge any commission, according to company policy.

To these must be added another 0.00492543 BTC as a fee for the chain Tinkl.it transaction, which in turn did not charge any exchange commission.

The cost of bank transfers for the purchase of goods was € 3, with which the total commission paid was 0.55% of the amount collected.

In total, 101 donations, of which 97% in bitcoin and 90% anonymous.

The average amount of individual donations was approximately € 192, with an average commission of € 1.15 per donation.

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