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A tweet by Iglesias sparks unsubstantiated rumors of a bank playpen in Spain


Pablo Iglesias has unleashed chaos this weekend on social media. Last Sunday, during the press conference of the Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz, she published article 128 of the Spanish Constitution on a Twitter account. "All the wealth of the country in its different forms and whatever its ownership is subordinated to the general interest."

The corralito hashtag soon became Treding Topic and there were many users who accused the government of planning to carry out this action.

It is striking that this rumor, without any basis, has been fostered by several leaders of the Spanish extreme, the great defenders of the Spanish Constitution. Santiago Abascal himself has accused Iglesias of take advantage of the coronavirus situation to "establish a Chavista regime".

Despite the fact that there have been several tweeters who have urged to withdraw all the money from the banks to avoid a situation like the one Greece experienced in 2015, the reality is that nothing suggests that this situation will occur.

Sources in the banking sector consulted by ForexNews.online assure that "it is very important to be cautious". "There is no point in talking about this topic, we are within the European Union with a single regulator"


These words of the leader of the purple formation have not been well received in the Popular Party either. Various leaders have charged this Monday against the vice president of Social Rights of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, for his words subordinating the country's wealth in the coronavirus crisis to the general interest.

The Madrid councilor and president of the PP Rights and Guarantees Committee, Andrea Levy, has indicated that the Podemos leader "has learned it." "Expropriate! The impact of these words I understand that they must be calibrated by a vice president of the Government of Spain. I understand … ", he stated on his Twitter account.

In the same way, the Madrid deputy of the PP and spokesperson in the Constitutional Commission of the Congress, Edurne Uriarte, has indicated that Iglesias quoted article 128 of the Constitution "to justify the government shutdown of the economy" and he replied that "the general interest should be subordinated to Democrats, not to communist leaders."

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