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Sánchez considers the Coronabonos lost in his meeting with the presidents of the CCAA


Pedro Sánchez has fought for wreaths, or "reconstruction bonds" as he referred to them this Saturday, for loss. This has been transferred to the presidents of the autonomous communities this Sunday, in the videoconference meeting they have held to discuss the latest measures implemented by the Government against the coronavirus.

During the meeting, explain autonomous sources consulted by Europa Press, the Prime Minister has almost given up the possibility that the European Union issue bonds or Eurobonds to face reconstruction after the pandemic, given the refusal he has received from Germany and the Netherlands, among other countries.

This Saturday Sánchez, at the press conference he offered to announce that non-essential service workers will have to stay two weeks at home, advocated mutualizing the debt that the community club countries were incurring, especially those most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, in order to emerge from this crisis with full guarantees. "We cannot do it with more debt"he went on to say.

At the Government-CCAA meeting, some regional leaders, such as Castilla La Mancha, have criticized the position of the northern countries. According to these autonomous sources, Emiliano García Page has warned of the possibility of a crisis of legitimacy of the EU given that citizens can question the usefulness of it if it is not fully involved in a critical situation like the current one.

This Sunday, at the press conference after the extraordinary Council of Ministers, the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, spoke about the idea expressed by Sánchez. "Spain is not alone, we are in Europe, and we need, as our president firmly says, a stronger and more united Europe." "We need a Marshall Plan, a Europe in which the rights of workers emerge stronger from this crisis, "he pointed out.


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