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Netanyahu and Gantz to Form National Emergency Government | TIME ONLINE


In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) and opposition leader Benny Gantz (blue and white) have made progress in talks about a grand coalition. Netanyahu and Gantz had "hours" at night about forming one
national emergency government negotiated, dealing with the coronavirus crisis and
 Both sides said that "further challenges" should be taken care of. There would be another meeting later in the day
give with the aim of signing an agreement.

Media reporting is a rotation in the Prime Minister's office
intended. First, Netanyahu should head the government for one and a half years
will. Gantz should replace him in October next year. There is still about the exact distribution of the ministerial posts

Middle alliance broken blue and white

A part
the agreement stipulates that Gantz's party will be a law
 support that Netanyahu should make it possible, despite one
Corruption charges to serve as Vice Prime Minister and Minister.
In the dispute over the step of Gantz
his blue-white alliance was broken on Thursday. Only that
Gantz's "Resilience to Israel" party is reported to join the future government with Netanyahu's Likud and possible other parties.

Israel has been governed by a transitional government under Netanyahu since late 2018
managed. On March 2, citizens had the third time within one
Elected a new parliament each year. Again, there was no clear one
Sieger, Gantz received the order to form a government. Netanyahu
called for the formation of a multiple referring to the coronavirus crisis
Emergency government on.

Gantz has had a grand coalition so far
 with the right-wing Likud party with Netanyahu rejected because of this
 is accused of corruption in three cases. On Thursday, however, the opposition leader said in a speech in parliament that he would be with everyone
Use power to form a grand coalition. "This is not
the time for argument and division, "he said, referring to the
Corona virus crisis. Critics now accuse him of being central
Campaign promise broken.

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