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Sánchez asks the EU for more commitment: "You cannot get out of this crisis with more debt"


Pedro Sánchez wants more solidarity from the European Union to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. This was made known to his community club members at the meeting of the European Council that took place this week, and that idea has insisted this Saturday in his appearance from Moncloa. The Prime Minister has asked for more economic and social commitment because, as he has said, "you cannot get out of this crisis with more debt".

"Europe now faces an enemy that threatens social welfare and economic progress, which is testing the European project, and the EU must rise to the occasion, can not disappoint citizens, "said Sánchez, who says that the crisis of 2008 is" very present "and therefore" Europe can not fail. "" We need evidence of real commitment, we need to verify that Europe listens and acts. We need forcefulness and solidarity, "he claimed.

As it has defended, "Europe must give a united economic and social response" to Covid-19. For Sánchez, what the EU must do is mutualize the debtcreating "new instruments" which he has referred to as "reconstruction bonds". Bonds that have the protection of the Union as a whole, and that currently support eight countries of the Twenty-seven.

It is precisely this point that blew up the European Council meeting a few days ago. Germany and HollandAlong with other northern countries, they strongly opposed the creation of this figure, which does support the governments of Spain, Italy or France. Such was the disagreement that Sánchez and Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister, ended up getting up from the table, and in the end EU leaders summoned to a new meeting in two weeks, to try to reach an agreement in that time.

Until now everyone was talking about 'coronabonos', but the head of the Spanish Executive wanted to influence the idea of ​​reconstruction because, as he has pointed out, this is a "catastrophe that affects us all" and therefore "Europe must set up a kind of war economy, promote resistance and then socio-economic recovery. "All this with" measures that support the public indebtedness that many countries are assuming, mobilizing after the pandemic a great plan of resources, a Marshall Plan. "

"Europe must give a united economic and social response," stressed Sánchez, who in spite of everything has avoided making direct criticism of the German governments and Netherlands. He warned that this crisis is not "asymmetric", but "symmetrical", and that it affects the entire EU equally. "Either we give a joint European response, or the public will think that at the most critical moment that Europe has experienced since World War II, not all the resources have been put in place."

As he has indicated, "Spain calls on the EU for courageous, forceful decisions", because "now it is Europe's turn to protect the weakest and those countries that are suffering the greatest consequences of the pandemic." "If Europe wants, Europe can", it is finished.


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