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In the middle of the
The corona crisis has Hamburg Sports Club on Saturday afternoon one
far reaching decision made. In a session lasting several hours
of the supervisory board was decided to exempt the chairman Bernd Hoffmann. As a consequence of this decision, the
Chairman of the supervisory board Max-Arnold Köttgen and council member Thomas Schulz announced their resignation from the supervisory board. Both were valid
in the smoldering power struggle at HSV as Hoffmann's supporter. "In
the question of personnel that has been hotly debated in recent days
I always have corrections on the board of HSV Fußball AG clear
made: changes in the board against the background of current
I currently think that the requirements to be overcome have not been met, "
the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Köttgen justified his step.

The remaining
Board members Jonas Boldt and Frank Wettstein are now HSV as a duo
lead – one is responsible for the sporting area,
the other for finance. The chair of the supervisory board
the former professional Marcell Jansen takes over. "We can look into
none of the worst times of crisis in professional football
Achieve energy losses and strained relationships of trust. Of the
full focus must be on HSV interests ", the
34-year-old quoted in an official statement.

Personnelrochade is the result of a dispute between Hoffmann and
his two board members, Boldt and Wettstein, who are in the
past few days. Both accused Hoffmann of being
repeatedly mixed into their areas of competence and with its nature
To have instilled mistrust in the club. Most of all, Wettstein had
most recently another collaboration before the supervisory board
locked out. The chief financial officer has been valid since Hoffmann's return to HSV
in spring 2018 as a major critic. Even with Boldt, who has only been
worked for the club last summer, Hoffmann got quickly
to each other. When transferring left-back Douglas Santos to
Zenit Saint Petersburg switched Hoffmann partly without consultation
with Boldt added a player agent and informed the committees
in HSV only incomplete about the individual negotiation steps. Also
in the winter transfer period there was between Hoffmann and Boldt
different opinions about the choice of
New signings.


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