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The big questions of love: did he manipulate them?



The question: 14-year-old Frieda is passionate about fashion and is currently surfing the Internet a lot. On the website of a large mail order company she finds a nice t-shirt. She hands her laptop to her parents Johanna and Erich, who frown when they see the price of the T-shirt. But because Frieda so eloquently asks and promises to put the dishwasher in and out for a week, Erich would pull out the credit card – if it weren't for Johanna. The mother is strictly against it. Frieda already has enough T-shirts, the father can't give in to any mood of a teenager! Finally Erich discovers a sweater that Johanna might like. "It would suit you." In the end, the sweater for Johanna and the t-shirt for Frieda end up in the shopping cart. Only Erich is not satisfied. He doesn't regret the money. But he manipulated Johanna!



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